29 May 2007

Just for Jean

This blog is dedicated to Karen's Mom – heretofore referred to as KM. I ran today! Thanks for commenting!

Yes, I finally dragged my butt out to the bike trails today and I pushed myself more than I wanted which was good. I ran my 5K route again to see if I could run it without my pacer and still make the same time. I ended up finishing in 33:59 which was slower than Thursday but included a full 1 minute stop when I stopped, walked a bit , then turned around after 1.25 (as I was running into the wind) and then stopped and turned around again saying, “Moe, you have to keep going.” Seriously, I said that, out-loud, and firmly. It helped, though running into SD “here comes the storm” wind sucks. The 1.55 turn-around felt great (heading back to the start/finish line), till I turned again* and was back into the wind and going up hills. I hate wind. I hate hills too.

So anyway, I did make it, walked only one other time for all of 10 seconds then made me go again, and I had a nice kick at the end which helped my time I think.

The biggest issue today was chaffing. I have heard a lot about this as I prep for TC. Chaffing sucks. Use Vaseline (which I'm not sure I understand that concept, but whatever). But today was my first chaffing moment. My favorite shorts rubbed nicely along my fat belly (filled up with lots of goodies from the weekend) and left a beautiful red mark right where my jeans or shorts line would be. Great! That's wonderful, just what I need. Good thing my jeans don't fit in the waist (only the thighs) so they won't rub too badly there.

And after all that I'm thinking I should try to run again this afternoon. We'll see on that one. I have been thinking I need to do two-a-days seeing as I only have 4 months to go. (Technically, 130 days) But I really need to start pushing myself more and more. When I start thinking about it, I start to worry. So I'm going to try to not think about it. But I have to. Oh the dilemma.

*Yes, lots of turn around's. I started heading north, then went slightly west, then south, then turned around to head north again, then east, then south again. Lots of fun turns, but my route is beautiful. I'll get pictures someday for you to see. Oh wait, look here. Well, I'll find better ones but at least you can kind of see.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't think to tell you--my town has a 2 mile run with the celebration this weekend. You estimate how long you think it will take you to run it and the person who guesses closest to their own estimate wins! Weird, huh? That's how I was told it works, though. If I wasn't having a rummage sale I would enter and say: 42 minutes, please. Tee hee hee Tre