27 May 2007


Today has been interesting. I slept in (bad Moe!) and had a dream that I was watching a baby, a very chubby baby in my room and I took him into the shower with me to see if he would like the water. But while we were in the shower I heard a bump and went out to the room and where the table is in reality the table was gone and on the floor was a blanket with another baby sort of sprawled out on it. I laid the first baby down on the bed and went to pick up the other and he felt like a rag doll...looked like one too. He had long arms that long and thin and didn't seem to have bones in them, legs were similar. It was very strange.

But then I went to church. It was Pentecost so the Spirit was alive and well. Church was awesome...they had a hanging thing in the center of the sanctuary that had strings of votive holders with red votive candles lit and hanging from it. It's hard to describe but it was very cool to see. I'll check their site and see if they have a picture of it. (update: yeah, no they don't) But at church I got to see my old choir buddies and luckily got to run in Well Dressed Man. He works at LS and I didn't see him yesterday. WDM is awesome. I'd bribe him with Lemonheads for great artwork around my desk. I explained (and this is true) that I have a box of Lemonheads in my cupboard and I've been meaning to mail it to him or bring up the next time I come to the cities but I hadn't, but that every time I open that cupboard I think of him.

It was great to see him and Mark again. Then Debbie and Jerry and I went to Wilde Roast for lunch. YUMMY! Then I went to Patina's to check out their fun stuff. I picked up a new lunch bag so I don't have to carry my food back and forth in a Patina bag anymore. Yet I will be carrying my lunch in a bag I bought from Patina so does that make it a Patina bag?

Then it was off to the Guthrie. *sigh* I love the Guthrie. Today's show was Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it at least, except for the people sitting next to me when the guy couldn't figure out what was going on and kept asking his girlfriend to explain it. Oh and the false fire alarm going off just before the end of Act I kind of sucked. But the last act was awesome. I loved the set. But then again, the Guthrie always has remarkable sets. It was great.

And then supper with cah at TGIFridays. Good eats, good talk, good times.

These last two days have been jammed packed and yet flown by. I loved every minute. It's so great to be back here and seeing people. It's so wonderful to be accepted again. I love it.

Tomorrow brings me back to the 'real' world. Back home, back to my apartment and back to training. I have to hit it hard now. I've put it off too long. I've got to kick it into gear and kick my own ass. It'll suck but it'll be so very important to my ultimate goal (inching closer and closer every day). Uffda.

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