15 May 2007

A few updates to catch us up

Running: I have now run not only a 5K but also a 10K. I just ran the 10K last Saturday and finished, though I was only fourth from the end. At least I wasn't DAL but it wasn't very motivating. The woman who won ran it in 39 minutes. I ran it in 72:47 with an 11:43 pace. This isn't bad for a jogger's marathon; but for a 10K where everyone was out for blood (it felt like) this sucked. Anyway, I struggled through it (running it for the first time on my own and with nary a friend in site) and finished. At one point I did want to hurt the 'helpers' on the side of the road 'cheering' us on as they decided to run the rest of the race with me. When I told them I wasn't the last one they were shocked and said, dejectedly, I guess we'll wait then. Jerks. Oh well.

I have also officially signed up for the TC marathon, after which I sent an email to 2 of my friends who then signed up themselves. Of course one then called me and said it's all my fault that she signed on, but in reality she was the one who had talked me into running it in the first place! :) ah, too funny.

Plants: I have replanted two plants for the first time ever. Herman was growing out of his little pot and my viney plant, yet to be named though I've had him for 3 years, was growing out of his. So the viney plant is now in Herman's pot and Herman has a super sweet blue pot. He seems much happier, even though it's only been a day.

Knitting: I'm working on lap blankets for my friend Debbie's workplace. So far I have two finished, but I need to keep working on them. I'd like to get several done soon so the fine residents can stay warm!

Baking: I have, for the first time, rhubarb in my fridge and a hope to make a strawberry rhubarb pie for the first time ever. I'm really nervous about this since I've sort of have the apple pie thing down, but I've never ever baked anything with rhubarb. It should be interesting. Hopefully I'll complete that tomorrow before the rhubarb goes bad.

Sleeping: I'm sleeping better. Exercise really does make a person tired, but I feel great too (other than my right shin which has been pained lately, though after 2 miles running on it today at noon it felt great - weird). I love my bed, I love my pillows, I love to sleep. My sister seems to think I sleep in on the weekends, though, and I don't. I'm a strict 9:30-10pm down to sleep until 5:30-6am waker.

I think that's the excitement so far. I'm glad I'm back blogging. I have missed this. But just to forewarn everyone, there will be much talk of running, knitting, baking and sleeping over the next few weeks. I can't help it. These are a few of my favorite things.

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Sarah said...

I'm so happy you are back!
I've missed reading your blogs. Thanks for coming back.