26 May 2007

I'm normal!

Here's the bad thing about long drives – I end up thinking of about 20 great blog topics but by the time I get to my computer to type them in, I've forgotten them all. So instead of all my brilliance you're going to get this. Sorry all!

Today I headed up to the cities for graduation and a weekend away. I found myself this afternoon, as I was driving around the old 'hood, with a simple smile on my face. I was somewhat surprised to find it there but at the same time it felt right. There's just something about this place that helps me to right myself with the world.

Years ago when I moved here I was really at a loss as to who I was or what I was going to be. And while I'm still occasionally at a loss for this, I have found that here I can truly be myself – whoever that may be on that particular day. But some basics: Here I can like the Indians, all kinds of art not necessarily landscape pieces (Russian even!), jazz, gay men, gay women (not in that way, not that there's anything wrong with that), theatre (even the pompous way of spelling it), etc. Here I can be who I am without worrying what people think. For some reason when I'm at my new place of dwelling I'm always on guard: I don't like sd/mn sport teams; I don't like hunting or fishing; I don't like country music; I don't like Terry Redlin, the state's version of TK. But to speak this in public, I'm seen as an oddity. But here, sigh, it doesn't matter one way or another. It just feels more accepting.

Case in point. I came back today for graduation. I walked in the door and was immediately embraced by several people, even people I didn't think would ever do that (Skip!). Over the next few hours I was accepted back into the society I recently and abruptly left. I laughed, I joked, I hugged, I smiled...I felt whole again. Toward the end of the evening I met up with our campus pastor. He's so great and one of the few Indians fans on the planet. We rejoiced in the second victory of our team over Detroit today (6-3 – go Indians!) and then we talked. And we joked about life, we discussed the situations around us and in the end we hugged and he said that they really missed me there. Not just my smiles and happy face (I was a great actor some days), but mainly because I was NORMAL.

I know, I know...stop laughing dear readers. You all know me best, seeing my writings and ramblings here, but to be called normal for maybe the first time in my life was awesome. It brought back the wholeness feeling again.

Anyway – it was so good to see people again: Terri, Bob, Karen's Mom (I missed your name! Sorry! Hey, comment and leave it there!), Karen (natch), Marc, Edith, Jason, Joe, Mo, Jimmy, Carol, Deb (am I really going to list everyone?), Debbie, John, Michael, Skip, Dave, pditty, Rollie, who am I missing?, Victoria, Arthur, Brett, Nina, Rick, Dave... okay I'm missing people. But I do love you all!

And now I'm going to bed, because I am going to get my flabby butt out of bed and run in the morning. Cross your fingers everyone!


Anonymous said...

I feel honored...I got mentioned in your blog! :) It really was awesome to see you and know that you are in our prayers as you head back into the crazy world of work...Sending a hug your way and can't wait to connect again! And give Sarah H. a hug for me as well! Peace - E

mamapanda123 said...

Oh my gosh, we do too! It was great to see you, Sarah. You look awesome. Am looking forward to 'chatting 'n more' with you and Lisa soon. For now, I'm just wiped out with graduation emotion and resorted to blog about Captain Underpants. With love, T

Anonymous said...

My name is Jean. People call me Karen’s Mom. I have been mentioned in the famous “I’m Normal” blog of Moe.

Normal is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Just be Moe. Moe is much more interesting than a Terry Redlin, Twins/Vikings, country music, hunting/ fishing loving gal. So speak up and go to the theatre when you can!

Oh and keep blogging! (and running)