13 June 2006

Wanted: vacation

So I’ve been bitter lately…not a good thing. And this morning as I drove to work and then again following a phone call from cah I realized why I’ve been bitter.

I don’t mind work, in fact, it’s a good thing since it keeps me away from mind-numbing things like tv or dvd’s or my bed. But I have been at work every day since after Memorial Day. In fact, Memorial Day was the only day in the past 2 months that I haven’t had anything going on. Before that, the last day I truly relaxed was the weekend of Chena.

I suddenly had the urge for a pop tart…trying to repress. Nope…gotta get something carb-y. one sec…okay I’m back.

Anyway, my next day off is this coming weekend, which is good, though there has been some hinting that with the big conference here that I may need to be available. Ugh. And that’s what makes me bitter. I don’t have the freedom, or at least I don’t feel like I have the freedom, to just take a day off when I want. I have to plan ahead – which is good as it gives me something to look forward to, but is bad because then I have to wait to take the day off when I may need it sooner. I’m not sure how to fix that.

Plus it’s my fault because I’m the one who does the schedule.

Oh well. Thank goodness I am taking a couple days off next week. I was supposed to do a make-up guard drill next Friday but I’m moving that to July instead and though I do need to stop out and do some photo stuff before the real June make up that Saturday and Sunday the rest of the day should be open – maybe hanging out with a friend or just vegging. And next Thursday I’ll be taking my niece out for our sara/emmy day. I think I’m going to take her out to the base to see the jets – maybe if we time it right we can see them take off, then the zoo and lunch and finishing up with Target so she can buy her b-day present with the gift card I gave her. I’m really excited for this day. It’ll be fun to spend the day with my little girl.

So that’s what I need to center on: Get through the days til then, count down to my time away, and focus on the goal.

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