29 June 2006

To be young again

Last week was the infamous Emmy Day where I took my niece out for a day of just her and me. This was in lieu of a birthday gift in April since I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what to get her. But it ended up being a gift to both of us. Being able to spend 10 non-stop hours with a 6-year-old helps one appreciate the beauty of life.

We started off at my guard unit watching the F-16s take off. Emmy is pretty shy so she didn’t talk much until we got back to Morty. Then we went to the zoo. This was fun for me since I hadn’t been there in a long time, but the penguin exhibit left a lot to be desired. I hope they’re just doing construction to improve it because it was nothing like what I remembered it to be.

Emmy wanted to play mini golf so we did that too. And shopped at Target for her real b-day gift. AND played on several playgrounds. AND we ended the day having dinner with her mom, my sister, which was great for all of us. A full day, truly.

The day really helped me to appreciate youthfulness and the ability to just go with the flow and accept every moment for what it is, and treasure it as it happens. The season is long, as K said once, but time is precious. I think that’s a point K made too – there is time to do things like this: taking your niece out for the day, making a call to a friend, stopping and having coffee even if you do have a pile of tasks on your desk. There IS time to do these things and we should be doing these things. Because a big key to life is that it is precious.

And to continue on the life is precious moment, I’m heading home again this weekend to spend time with the whole family for Jake’s 3rd b-day and Baltic’s 125th Anniversary. I’ll get to see Emmy again, as well as Zach, Jake and the sibs. The only sad thing is Monte, et al, won’t be here. Miss them.

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