20 June 2006


I’m losing focus today. Everything is fuzzy. One one hand, It’s a beautiful day (it’s raining! YAY!) and I get to see Keith today. But I want to be somewhere where I can enjoy the rain and relax. Instead, here I am at work, looking at the week coming up and it’s very short. Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting and then I’m off for the day, heading home for a mini-break (“It can’t be just shagging, a mini-break means true love.”). No, it’s not that kind of mini-break, unless I get lucky and find some handsome, desperate man. Haha.

Nope Thursday I’m taking Emmy out for an Emmy/Moe day and the rest of the weekend is guard stuff. I’m going to try to get together with a couple different friends during the stay, but we’ll see how it goes. And Sunday brings on Mark and Jeff’s PRIDE party! WOOHOO!

I just need to focus. Ah…zen.

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