05 June 2006

Monday Meme

Borrowed from Fluid Pudding

I AM: a mess.
I WANT: what/who I can’t have.
I WISH: life decisions were a little easier to make.
I HATE: being indecisive.
I MISS: my family and friends so far away.
I HEAR: Bob Dylan and a piano playing in the distance.
I WONDER: why I am the way I am.
I REGRET: a lot, unfortunately.
I AM NOT: mechanical, or often coherent.
I DANCE: only when I have been drinking.
I SING: not enough ‘professionally’, but a lot in my car on the way home.
I CRY: too often for an otherwise somewhat normal person – I am a sap.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: together.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: blankets, magnets, cookies, cupcakes, etc.
I WRITE: not enough in real life.
I CONFUSE: myself daily.
I NEED: to be touched, loved, wanted.
I SHOULD: get a life beyond work.
I START: projects, sentences, ideas.
I FINISH: when I’m good and ready.

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