15 June 2006

Slicker than snot

So last night I broke all my own rules and actually spent the night on the town with fabulous friends. JB and MT and I went to the Twins/Red Sox game at the dome…others came too – Emily, Chris, Heidi, Rachel, Jared and Laura. I think I got them all.

Now, my friends know I’m not a fan of the Twins so that in itself was a feat. But I had a great time at the game. Here are a few moments I’ll remember:

  • Around 25-30 young men and women swearing in to the US Army. (It was the 231st birthday of the US Army and Flag Day - very cool, even though I didn't get a flag)
  • A man teaching his son how to put his hat over his heart during the National Anthem
  • Dollar Dogs
  • Watching for Chris
  • The Upper Deck Home Run
  • The Grand Slam
  • Protecting Rachel from the fly balls coming no where near the upper deck
  • Seeing the little boy in front of us do the same action JB was doing to protect Rachel from the fly balls coming no where near the upper deck.
  • Two idiots running around the field – one losing his sandals, one running the bases and sliding into home, and the latter getting tackled by the Red Sox bat boy while all the other umps and players stood around watching doing nothing
  • Cotton Candy!
  • Riding in the sweet car
  • Spending time with good friends. YAY!

All in all a great night. I was way too tired this morning to work out, but what the hell, right?

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