14 June 2006

Oh, happy day...

Today is a good day. So far at least. I’ve reconnected with an old friend…well, he’s not old, but he’s a good friend. Email is a great thing, especially when friends are so far away. I also get to go to the Twins/Boston game tonight. Another outing for moe on a weekday! Craziness. It’s becoming a habit, I think.

Oh and it’s Flag Day. What could be better than Flag Day? (“I’ve always made excuses for my drinking…Hey, it’s Flag Day!”)

So I think maybe today can be a day everyone can be happy. And do you know how you can be happy? Order THIS for you and yours…it’ll make you happy.


Justin G said...

glad to hear you had a good day. that friend must have been pretty cool

~moe~ said...

He was and is the coolest! Do you know him?