26 June 2006

Polka, Dot?

Wow, how quickly things change. This morning I returned to work having been gone since last Wednesday at noon and apparently our school has switched vocations (can a school switch vocations? Is that possible?). Anyway, a gentleman called and asked if we were the polka place. I said, I didn’t think so but you never know. Maybe we should add that in to the curriculum.

Soooo….what a fabulous weekend I had! It was a much needed break from here and I had so much fun. It's one I'll remember for a very long time.

Highlights: (I’m going to try jb’s and mt’s way of doing things)

  • Walking for over an hour with mom in the morning air
  • Riding in the Falcon truck – sweet!
  • Watching and feeling F-16s take off from Last Chance
  • Going to the zoo
  • Playing mini golf
  • Spending time with Emmy
  • Hearing Emmy say, “But I’m not bored yet!”
  • Chatting with my sister over supper
  • Spending time with an incredible friend :)
  • Sitting in the park, in the rain, under a blanket
  • Watching a couple get married in the park – a nice simple ceremony
  • Lunch at the Diner
  • Lunch at HuHot
  • Looking at old pictures of guard members
  • Driving home in the rain
  • Falling asleep listening to a friend tell me stories (this wasn’t in a bad way)

There were other great highlights from the weekend, but none I want to put here. Sorry folks. Some parts of my life need to be kept to myself. :)


kendi said...

welcome back and glad to hear that everything went well for your time away. summer is so strange because people are always coming and going, and it makes it hard to connect in the meantime. i'm realizing this at church and also with my friends. conclusion: vacations are good; i need more of them.

~moe~ said...

Vacations are VERY key. And just think...2 months from now I'll be invading your home again for the weekend. YAY! I can't wait to see you!