27 February 2012

Sick 'Puter and a dress

Okay, so I know this is my Lenten discipline - to journal daily. I missed yesterday, yes, but in some ways I am okay. Technically, Sunday's don't count as the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday, but I should have written anyway. The only bad thing is that my computer is sick.

Yesterday I was looking up Guinness cupcake recipes and suddenly it kicked me off the Internet and some stupid security scan started (not my normal scanner). I called my favorite comm guy this morning and he graciously invited me to drop off my computer to him at his house and he'd fix it while he was home today. Ah, it pays to have great friends but I owe him BIG!

So today I spent in town, went to work for a bit and then ran some errands and made a plan to knock another box off the wedding planning list: the dress. I'm running out of time and I'm so indecisive. Over the weekend, M&I set up our cake and he was so elated that I finally settled on something that while we were out looking at other things I started thinking about which dress I should get. In a moment, of weakness I called one of the upscale dress stores to try on dresses. I got there and the cheapest one was $750 and that was discounted. OMG! I, for fun, also tried on one that was $1250.

Anyway, I met up with my dear friend, Bridget, and she helped me decided on a dress. It was one that I had liked but SBK didn't. She liked it though and so we went with it and ordered it. Britt, my gal helping me out at the dress place (the inexpensive dress place), initially scared me when she said it'd take 6 months to get the dress in. Uh, I have 130 days until the wedding. Britt went in the back and talked with her boss. They remeasured me so I could drop a size down in ordering (which is where I was leaning anyway - I have a feeling I'll be taking it in no matter what) and we ordered. They said I should have it NLT May. Whew.

Then Bridget and I went to some places to look for bouquet and centerpiece ideas. I may be leaning away from my original idea of daisies. Thank goodness I didn't have a longer engagement, this would have been awful. At least now I have less time to make decisions so I have to do it quick. :) This is a good thing for me. Decisions aren't the best in my world - I want to make everyone happy, forgetting that for this I only have to make me and M happy. Now, I just have to remember that. :)

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