21 February 2012


In 2005, J-man came up to my desk and said I should start a blog. Facebook wasn't in place at that time, and blogs were THE THING. Several of my friends had blogs at that time and it was a great way for us to set up something that would continue for years to come. We started the blogs to keep in touch. We started them to share information, support, prayers, and our lives.

Over the years, a few of us have slipped through the cracks. Others have gone "off-grid" no longer sharing their blog with everyone, but keeping it close to their chest and families as it were. Others, like me, have created multiple blogs and now, especially me, have fallen to the wayside, not writing as much as I want.

Today is Shrove Tuesdays. I don't like pancakes, I like popcorn. I had some earlier today while I thought about what I can do for my Lenten discipline this year. There are many things I need to work on, many things I could give up to better my life, many more I should add.

I'm going to be writing. I need to write. I have several blogs, so if I don't show up here, I may be at one of the others. I still owe a meme to jillwillrun from the other day (I'm working on it!). But I will be writing.

So, a tip of my hat to J-man, who still blogs. And to E & K who blog as well. And to Kat who doesn't anymore, to jill and bethany who do and all who make me glad. I'll be back.

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