25 February 2012

Awesome Date Day

M&I had a great day today. I started with FIT class - kickboxing and lower body resistance bands. It was great - 75 minutes of intense work and sweating.

Then we went to Zach's basketball tourney and watched one of his games. He plays really well. I'm glad we got to see him. Zach is a great kid - I can only hope if M&I have kids that ours are like him.

Then we headed into the big town and did some wedding shopping. We booked our cake, looked at centerpiece ideas, walked through Home Depot and Menards and then hit a movie.

Our movie of choice today was Act of Valor. M wanted to see this since he was part of the Navy back in the day. It really opened my eyes to what he used to do. It was crazy, intense and incredible. I cried, I'll admit it. It was great. We also had dinner, which was great but the place was so crowded we could barely get out when we left, the entryway was SO crowded.

Anyway - it was an awesome day. Now, I need a nap. 

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