23 February 2012

Catch up

I got to thinking tonight, while I was doing dishes, that I haven't really caught my ever faithful readers (not that there probably are any anymore) of what transpired between November 16 and a few days ago. Well, let's see...

I got engaged. :)

M&I got engaged November 12. We had some chili and then sat on the couch and decided to get married. :) It was a bit more complicated than that, but I already blogged that on our blog (which is currently just for select folks - sorry). It was really sweet.

The next day, we went to YOB's for Thanksgiving/Ava's B-day. We decided, since the ring didn't fit and we needed to get it sized, to hold off on telling anyone. Plus M hadn't asked my Mom for permission, so he needed to do that.

The next weekend, on Sunday, Mom and I got together for our yearly tradition of making flatbread and krumkake. I love that we get to do this together. It's like "our thing" since the rest of my siblings don't make flatbread. Lisa makes Krumkake, but not flatbread. It's a great tradition.

Anyway, we talked wedding things during that time, after I told her M had proposed. We had a big hug, a few tears (happy ones) and a nice afternoon together. It was then she agreed to share her anniversary with us. I had asked M if he was okay if we got married on the same day my parents did, in the same church. This year would have been Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary, and I felt it'd be a fitting tribute since Dad is not able to be with us. I wanted to clear it with Mom first though. She agreed, and said that the date is even 50 years to the weekday - she got married on a Friday as we will.

Thanksgiving went without a hitch - I made turkey and all the fixin's again. We had a nice afternoon. The next day I ran in the Jingle Bell Run with the Runner's Block gang. We had a group thing going with reindeer and Santa. It was really neat. I really should be posting pictures of all this. I'll have to do that and then link to this post once I do. :)

December was good. A job came open at work. Boss2 was moving to HQ and so a new Boss2 was announced and his replacement was announced which opened her job. I talked it over with Deaner and after reading the job announcement closely, I realized I couldn't truly apply. It was an officer position and I don't have those qualifications. So I helped SBK apply instead.

Christmas was good. M&I bought an elliptical during a Black Friday sale so we had that. M got me fingerless boxing gloves which are great for FXB. We had the Moe Christmas at Mom's. It was fun having all the kids around. Lisa got M&I a Whirley Pop popcorn maker. We have yet to use it, but I am excited for the time when I get to. We've become addicted to air popped popcorn, so the oily stuff isn't as appealing right now. Maybe after the wedding.

New Year's was great - we went to bed at 10. :) Typical.

In January, SBK was hired into the new job. We had a ceremony for the new Boss2 leaving his old position and the new lady coming. That was bad. I'm not sure I want to relive it right now. So I won't. But because SBK was hired, that means her job is open now, which leaves me in a pickle. It's an officer position, but I'm not sure I want it. But it's a great step up. It's complicated.

I continue to do FXB - went to instructor class at the end of January in hopes of learning some new stuff and picking up a few classes to teach. Right now I don't have time, with all the wedding planning. I still need to find a dress for that venture and time is a-tickin'. We have a lot of the rest of it planned - the photographer, location for reception, caterer, meal, DJ. Just need a dress, flowers and cake. Oh and invitations.

So there...you're caught up. See - you didn't miss much. :)

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Jill Will Run said...

Yeah... didn't miss much. You crazy girl! Congratulations!