01 January 2011

Starting off right

After a nice, lazy morning, MS and I went to the dreaded basement to sort through some of our boxes. He has boxes from when he moved in to the house in '08 and I have all of mine. Those things-that-shall-not-be-named weren't too bad. Mostly I tried to sort out what was in what, so I could get all my CDs (oodles!) in one area, books in another, kitchen stuff, and miscellaneous crap (of which I have a lot), so that when I am really motivated, I can actually go through those ttsnbn's and be more successful.

MS needs to sort some of his stuff too. He has a goodly amount of stuff of his own and his dad's to sort through. Once we get the shop built we'll be able to put more of our official storage stuff out there, and have less in the basement for when we finish that.

That was one of the fun parts this afternoon - we talked through designs for the basement and how to set up the main room and bedrooms. It was neat to pull out the blueprints and talk out his vision and mine and see if we can make them mesh. He has some great ideas for down there and I'm excited to see how they turn out. I love that he's open to my suggestions too, and that he has been willing to alter some of his original plans to fit some things I would like. Love, baby...it's real. :)

So now, I'm watching the Rose Bowl. I'm not a big college football fan, nor football in general - though I do enjoy a good game from time to time. I'm just not an avid watcher. But TCU (Go Horned Frogs, Go TCU!) is playing Wisconsin (go bucky) and so I feel slightly compelled to watch. If nothing else, it gives me a little fodder to talk about at work, or with E&K at least. MS is out snowblowing the driveway from the mess we had yesterday. I haven't learned how to run the blower yet, so it kind of falls on him. I feel bad about it. I'll learn soon.

MS and I also started P90X today...part of our goal to drop some weight and get back into decent shape. To quote a friend of mine from high school, "We want to be hot for each other." And I've been on SoBe again, which has been going pretty well. I'm feeling pretty good and not overindulging in sugar-free candy. I did have a fudgepop (no sugar added) last night, which was good. So I'm still getting my chocolate fix, if need be.

You know, this has been a really great start to the new year. I'm excited about 2011. It's going to be good, I can feel it. :)

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