11 January 2011

The perfect dream...until I woke up

MS and I have been getting up between 4 and 4:30 lately to do P90X before I have to go to work in the AM. Usually we can sleep til 4:30 or even 4:40 and still get it all accomplished, but 3 days a week we have to start AT 4:30 or we won't even get finished.

Today was one of those days (Yoga - 90 minutes of 'fun').

But then I had the best dream EVER!! I dreamt that my alarm didn't go off until 4:39. I looked at my clock and did some quick math, realizing that if I got up to do Yoga we wouldn't get started until about 4:45 and wouldn't finish until 6:15. Which would make me late for work (shower, dress, drive to work...not enough time). SO I had to reset the alarm and go back to sleep for an hour. HAD to.

Then my real alarm went off and it was 4:11 summoning me from my warm slumber.


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just checking in. Logged in to another account I can't log out of right now... and you are sleeping, I'm sure, so that you can get up and torture yourself in the morning. You're so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!