02 January 2011

Sucked in

Okay, so somehow I ended up watching David Tutera on My Fair Wedding (WeTV) and then Rich Bride Poor Bride. I've never understood the concept of "theme" weddings like David has on his show. One bride had a Greek theme, another BLING. It's just odd. So if MS and I get married should we have a popcorn and ice cream theme? Or military theme for his Navy years? Or a cleanliness theme - everyone gets a dust broom as a wedding favor... ha!

And this bride on RBPB is just pissing me off. She is being such a bitch and so rude to her wedding planner. She wants glam, but she doesn't have the budget for it, but she doesn't believe in the budget side of it.

All the more, watching this that is, I just don't get it. Maybe MS's thought of shorts and a lightweight shirt is a good idea. I don't know. Of course, that's a LONG ways off since I haven't met MS's friends all yet. :)

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