22 January 2011

Needed a nap

The last couple of days have been crazy busy. I got a lot accomplished, a lot of taskers added to my list, a lot of time spent away from my home, and somehow I have survived.

Thursday was a good day, getting to wear jeans to work for the day, which was awesome. My co-worker Deaner and I were trying to figure out a way we could negotiate for jeans every day of the week. We figured if we could prove more productivity we might have a shot. :)

That night I had a meeting for our volunteer conference. We have a conference in a couple of months, hopefully (we haven't gotten final approval from our supervisor who's dragging his feet), and somehow I ended up on the committee. I also got stuck on the scavenger hunt committee portion because I had a 'good idea'. I'm getting to work with some other gal who I have never met. Should be interesting. But the meeting ran long so I didn't get home until 8:30 and we all know I go to bed around that time. I did stay up until 10 since David Tutera was on WeTV and I'm minutely obsessed with him. :)

Friday was a busier than crap day. We had VIPs coming in the afternoon and so with the planning for their visit on top of trying to finish up a bunch of work and meetings I had, the day was crazy. The VIP meeting went late (another 8pm night), so I went to bed almost right away again. Don't get me wrong, the night was awesome. Our VIP meeting went really well and the cookies I bought for the event went over well...with the 3 people who each had one. I sent the rest to work with MS today so I wouldn't be tempted. Though a cookie sounds really good right now. Hmmm

So today we get up for the start of Week 4 of P90X - Yoga X. Joy. 90 minutes of fun. It went okay, but when we finished, I was tired, zenned out and chilly. So I curled up on the couch and fell asleep. I woke up briefly when MS kissed my forehead goodbye, but ended up sleeping for the 90 minutes I had to do Yoga. I felt better after that but I do remember MS asking me why I was tired.

Basically, I was overwhelmed with everything. MS even said that Friday night when I realized that I had forgotten my house keys at work. "You seem overwhelmed," he said. Uh, yes! I am, was. It's not that my job is bad...I love what I do. The rough part of it is that I don't have one job, or even two parts of a job. I have 18. There are so many little things that I have to do that they all pile up and I get overwhelmed. Add all that up with the fact that I had to have two days of extra extravertedness, and I needed a break. My brain was full; my body was exhausted from having to "be on" for so much, so often, so recently, and so close together.

The nap was good. Then I went into work and spent some great quiet time, with no one around, cleaning up my desk. Those are my favorite days. Then homemade pizza for dinner and a little knitting to tie it all up.

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