03 January 2011

Last low-key day for awhile

Granted, we're still in the middle of holiday season (MLK Jr day is coming up, then President's Day to end it for a couple months) but today is my last day of low-keyness. Honestly, I'm ready to get back to work. It's been nice being home, but I keep thinking of things I could be doing at the office, the workload that awaits me, and in general just getting out of the house for awhile.

of course, I also know that in a few days I'll be wishing I had a day off again. :) And since I have to work this coming weekend, that will be evermore true.

But today has been nice. I got the oil changed in Morty, picked up some milk, and have been relaxing with MS. He's studying for a class he has this week for work, so I've been lounging on the couch, reading a bit, playing on the computer, signing up for a class of my own for work, and vegging. We're not talking a whole lot, but it's nice to know that he's here. That perks up my attitude immensely. Yesterday was rough, and I'm sure coupled with a poor diet yesterday and being incredibly sore from the beginnings of P90X, it all magnified in the fact I didn't get to see my boy all day. I've gotten used to him being around, you know? And I like that. We don't have to talk. We don't have to be right by each other, but in the same room, just doing our thing has been really nice today.

It's getting close to time to make dinner - Chicken with bruchetta topping which he loves and I can eat - and we'll see how long he's going to study. I still need to burn two discs, and then I can move on with my life. hahaha Tomorrow morning's another early one with a 90-minute yoga set for P90X and I have to be at work, ready to go by 6:45. Uffda. I may have to try what I've been meaning to do for a long time and do the yoga, then drive to work and go into the gym to do a few situps/pushups, then shower. Then I can be at work at 7:15 instead. That MIGHT work...I've struggled with that in the past. Maybe tomorrow is time to renew it.

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Kat said...

Hello, Moe Lady! Stopped by to read up a little. Enjoy getting back to work!