31 December 2010

Ending 2010

2010 has been an incredible year - full of changes and surprises. But for fun, here's a recap from the year:

January - MS and I went to Hawaii for a work trip for me and a vacation for MS. It was my first time there, but MS had been stationed there when he was in the Navy, so he became my tour guide. Once I got over my workaholic-ness, I was able to relax and enjoy the area. My favorite was Bellows Beach. LOVED that place and really want to go back.

February - MS and I started P90X to try to lose the weight after Hawaii. For 4 weeks we were very dedicated. It was great!

March - I ran the Irishman again and then did a speed drive two and half hours away to receive an award for work. I literally walked in 3 minutes before the banquet began. Pretty fun.

April - OOB came home to visit which was great. MS and I hosted our first Easter dinner for OOB, and the mom's. It all turned out well, I think. MS and I celebrated our 1st anniversary and I was back running on a regular basis.

May - This was a full month! KC and I hosted our first soon-to-be-annual spring party at work and it turned out great. MS and I took our last trip to Sconnie to see Nika before they moved. I picked up a cold or something that MS had picked up right before we had gone to Sconnie which made for a rough Half Marathon a week later. I was sick for two more weeks which was awful. MS and I took in the free fishing weekend and went to a couple different places. We also started our garden, a massive undertaking, but with what we hoped would be fruitful rewards.

June and July are kind of a blur...not a lot happened...just a lot of work and stuff. OH wait...HHS was in June which is why I was going slowly insane the months leading up to it. July was recovery month.

August - This was a good month. I was selected to go to a training for work, which was great. MS reminded me several times how wonderful he is and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

September - This was canning month. We had a bunch of stuff from the garden just sitting around so we met up with MS's aunt and uncle and had a day of canning salsa. We also made two apple pies using my crust recipe from memory. They turned out really well. This was also my last month before TCM. I ran the SF Half, which was rough, but I made it.

October - TCM number 4. Thank God for MS. He biked along side me the last 20 miles. Yes, I said 20 miles. He was so wonderful. He kept me moving. He supported me every step. So much love!

November - I moved in with MS! This was good on so many levels. We're moving forward in our relationship, I get to spend all my extra time with him, and I'm living in ONE place! Sanity is mine! :) We've had some growing pains, but it's been great. He had to work on Thanksgiving Day so we celebrated with my fam the next day at YOB's.

December - Christmas month! B-day month for MS! I also had an impromptu trip to Mississippi for a week. MS's mom had a mini stroke so he spent that week in the hospital with her helping her do her physical therapy and get better. MS spoiled me at Christmas again. And now it's New Years Eve and MS is working so I'm cleaning the house.

It's been a full year and I'm really looking forward to 2011. It'll be great!

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