22 December 2010

Jesus is coming!

And to be the sick individual I am I'm going to add, so to speak, just to be me.

But Jesus is coming and I'm very excited for that. It's MS and my first Christmas living together. It's been a challenge to buy and wrap gifts without each other knowing...well, especially for me since he has more time off during December than I do.

His mom is home now. She went home tonight which is good. It's amazing how much better she has gotten in just the last week with therapy every day throughout the day. I hope she continues to do it at home. She's opting not to have a nurse come in each day, mostly because of cost, but also saying she has a bike and stuff she can do at home. I'm praying she does it, because the stronger she gets and the more she continues her therapy the longer she can stay at home, which is where she wants to be.

Work has been annoying the last couple days, with me coming home and letting go of some steam to MS. He's had a rough few days with his Mom's stuff and her live-in S.O. Last night we had his friends over for dinner and to fix his computer. We ended up playing a board game, "You Might Be a Redneck if..." (Yes, we play these games in this state.) I had to laugh as I won the game and I'm probably the least Redneck of the 4 of us. :) Oh well.

It was funny, though. MS and I had been chatting on the phone while driving home (separate cars, but arriving at almost the same time) and at one point, mid-vent, he started laughing and said, "We're having a drink when we get home tonight." I laughed and said, "Oh yes, we are!" But then when Alison and Mike came over, they only wanted Diet Mt Dew, but I said, "Do I still get my drink?" MS said, Hell yeah, and so probably the first time ever, MS and I were drinking while Mike & Alison weren't. :)

Today was our work Christmas party. We've been having a cribbage tournament the last couple of weeks. I've become a legend by holding up the game for a week since I was gone last week. And then Monday, the guy I was supposed to play had to go home to take care of his kid. So yesterday I played 3 games in 2 hours and won 2, lost 1. Now I'm in the loser's bracket but it's double elimination. The second guy I beat, I actually Skunked. I heard from a few people that he was walking around with his head held in shame. One person told me, "I didn't know she knew how to play! I thought it was going to be an easy win!" Ha Ha! But then today I had to play the first guy I had beat, and I beat him again, almost Skunking him, but I let him get one more point to save face. But the tournament continues...the next guy I have to play had left for the day so it'll have to be next week. Should be fun.

And now, I'm sitting trying to regroup, but ready for bed. MS is working but tomorrow we're going to spend all day together, running last minute errands and just taking some time for us. Most of life has been swamped with work and his Mom, as of late, so having a day just to ourselves will be nice.

And Jesus is coming soon, and there's nothing more I'm thankful for. God bless you all. :)

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