26 December 2010


I don't have many pictures, and some are on MS's camera so I'll have to post those later. Christmas yesterday was nice, though confusing at times. Long story on that.

MS and I had a great Christmas together. We took turns opening gifts, had some pizza and curled up on the couch, falling asleep for a mini nap. Then we went over to his mom's so she could open her gift and hung out with her while her live-in boyfriend went to his family's house. Then back home for more pizza (we're cleaning out our freezer) and then sleep. Low-key but fun day.

MS got me some awesome gifts: A Boyd's Bears "Sweetie Pie" figurine, a jewelry box with my name engraved, necklace, earrings, pajama pants, stuff for my car, a 4-cup liquid measuring cup, dry measuring cups and utensils, a food processor, and a Kettleball set.

I got MS the Clint Eastwood 35 films in 35 years set, two other DVDs with Clint westerns from other production companies, 100ft measuring tape, a bunch of tool stuff he picked out, Cool Feet for his computer, winning lottery tickets (I hope they're winning ones), and some Home Depot gift cards. And then I got us both a gardening chair and tool bag to use next summer. He's spoiled. ;) But he spoils me, so it's a fair trade.

Nika got us a beautiful picture frame for her adorable photos, with her named engraved on it. I swapped out her photos from my old frame to the one she sent last night. I love it! Thanks, Nika! :)

Life is good. As my niece Ava kept reminding us today, "Christmas is about giving!" And it is. I had fun giving what I did to MS. And I think he had fun giving me what he did. I'm a very lucky girl to have him in my life.

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