18 December 2010


I can't believe it's already December 18. The month has flown by and I have no idea where it went.

The month started out great with a "Leadership Challenge Course". It was great. We had completed a series of personal assessments (like Myers Briggs, etc.) prior to the course so we received a bunch of results back. They were extremely interesting. I learned a lot about myself; I only wish we could have had my bosses take them too, so I could understand them better.

Then it was our work weekend and KC and I put together a Christmas Party for our sections. It turned out to be a good time, though I was exhausted afterword. We also had a Kids' Christmas party. KC had created this theme too...Christmas Around the World. We had tables with different countries represented where the kids and parents could go around and learn about their customs. We also had Santa show up and had our pictures taken. Mine and MS's didn't turn out all that great, or I'd post it here. Well, I might post it later. We'll see how the month goes. :)

The next week was a blur...lots of work and trying to get things ready for me being gone this week. MS had his birthday too, but sadly I ended up working more that day than I wanted. So his birthday ended up pretty quiet. I had already got him his gift back at the end of September - he wanted a scope for his rifle. So he got that for b-day and Xmas, which is fine since this month has been crazy, though some of the fun was gone for his day.

Last Saturday we had snow...and wind...and a mini-blizzard, so we were pretty much trapped at home. This was okay by me. I got to finally finish my project while MS worked on some of his own projects. I was so very thankful to have it finished. What a pain. I will NOT be doing that again next year.

Sunday was a little scary. MS's Mom had a mini stroke so we spent the day at the hospital with her. She's actually still there because she was really weak so she's been going through physical therapy to get stronger. Hopefully she'll be going home before Christmas. MS has been spending his afternoons with her helping her with her PT. Luckily, he's had extra time off this week.

But then I had to pack and get ready for my trip. I went to Mississippi for a training for work this week. It was good, though it was more of a training-the-trainer course so I can train the people I work with on what I learned.

And now I'm home. KC and I made peanut brittle and some more vanilla today. We're too efficient though. It took a lot less time than we thought and we couldn't figure out a good third project so she went back home. So I'm just waiting for MS to come home from the hospital while I watch Psych from this week.

Life is good, you know? I'm pretty blessed.

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