18 August 2010

Today was an exciting day

I tell you, I am learning a LOT at this course. It's awesome. The instructors are great and their insight is incredible. I mean, today...I learned all about...

Deviled Eggs.

I kid you not. We spent 20 minutes on deviled eggs and how they are a waste because with the time that it takes to make them you lose value on your final product. Because despite the fact that eggs are super cheap, first you have to boil them, then peel them, then slice them, then gut them, then take the guts and mash it up with some other stuff into a creamy mixture, then fill the eggs with said mixture, then you realize that they have a rounded bottom and won't sit on a normal tray so you'll have to slice the bottoms off a bit to make them flat so they'll sit on a tray, then you place them on the tray and sprinkle them with garnish (generally paprika), then carry them to your serving location, and then, because they slip and slide, re-straighten them on the tray so they look presentable.

THEN you'll have a guy come by and take 8 because they aren't filling (they're what people call "smash & swallow's") and then your whole purpose for buying them because they're cheap has just gone down the toilet because he just ate a third of your carton. AND the caterer is probably going to mark these up overall in price because they are a pain to make.

DEVILED EGGS. Seriously.

I have to laugh, because if I don't I will certainly go crazy. 20 MINUTES on deviled eggs. WTF?!?! But I laugh because it really is comical.

The class I'm in cracks me up because people aren't really paying attention and end up on tangents that aren't even close to what we're discussing. We were talking about seating arrangements today based on etiquette rules and precedence and a gal raises her hand and asks, "So, if your boss transfers do you get to keep your job or do you go with him?" Ummm...not quite on topic dear, and considering why you're in this class, that's not really a high priority at this time, even for you.

I just shook my head. I feel a little like I'm back at Sem where people liked to tell their stories...partly for attention, partly because they really felt like they knew it all...and so they raise their hand at every opportunity, "At my workplace, we do this..." It's just funny.

I spent most of this afternoon texting back to work because it was a) more fun and b) more productive.

Don't get me wrong. I love that I'm here at this class - this will be beneficial for me in the long run, I just have to find how it will work with my workplace because this is really geared for our higher headquarters locations. But some of the nonsense does make me laugh.

So for kicks, I and another gal in the class went out for dinner...to an awesome Italian place that had the best service I have ever had. And the highlight, other than the deliciosio food, was when Mary asked the waiter, "Do you have any bread?" And he repeated back, "Breasts?" and she smiled, "Uh, no. Brea-D." He started laughing, "I'm so sorry. Slip of the tongue. Yes. I'll bring that out for you." When he came back he said, "Here's your breaD." hahaha He was a great waiter.

I need to run now though...that food was way too yummy. Too bad I can't move.

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