13 August 2010

An amazingly busy week

Boss2 has been awesome as of late and as of late he has worked hard to get me into a short training course that would help me immensely in my job, even though technically the course isn't for my job description.

Well, it's been up and down the last couple weeks and finally two days ago it was confirmed that I have a seat for the next class, which just happens to start on Monday...in Alabama. Uh...okay.

So the last two days have been a whirlwind of me finding a person to sit at my desk while I'm gone, tidying up all my projects and cleaning up my desk so JH doesn't have to deal with my normal mess. So in that aspect, this class has been the perfect addition to my already hectic life.

In other aspects, this is the worst time of year for me to go. A lot of projects and suspenses are coming due in the next week - the week I'm gone. But I have a lot of great co-workers.

Kenny G helped me today to get my own computer up and running faster and hooked up the process I need so I can check my work email on it. I tested it tonight and it works great! JH was so awesome and patient this afternoon while I was running back and forth trying to figure out what she needed to know and what could be passed by. I gave her the quickie tour of my office and the bosses as well so she knows where everything goes and what needs to be done.

I have all the confidence in the world that JH will do well and I got almost everything that I needed to completed. The rest can and will have to wait until I return. Luckily the class is shorter than I had first thought, so I'll be back a little sooner. And my computer is working so as long as they have WiFi in the housing the school provides, I'll be set.

I'm really looking forward to this class. It's not only needed for my job now, it's a great stepping stone for my future career - the job that I want.

Next step: Signing up for the Master's course I need for that job as well. But I think I'll wait to do that until I return. :)

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