09 August 2010

I'm a lucky girl

My boyfriend is the best. He proved it again last night.

I have been on Phase I of South Beach for the last week and Saturday night I was whining...a lot...about wanting popcorn. I got to the point where I took it out of the cupboard, a pack out of the box and sat it on the counter. That was after a day of smelling a bagel that I had on my desk.

Anyway, I'm not allowed to have either while on Phase I, and I did hold strong. But Sunday when I got home from work, MS had chicken, green beans, sugar free jello and sugar free fudge pops. Yum! That's ALL allowed on the eating plan and this was such an awesome gift.

Then today, my mother called him to see if he would show YOBs kids the fire station and fire truck. And he did. He took time from his lunch hour to show them all around on an impromptu tour.

He's wonderful. Moments like these remind me why I'm with him. <3

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