06 August 2010

Christmas in August

I'm in a quartet, as some of you may know, but onr of our parts seems to be dwindling as of late, so the rest of us left are thinking of just becoming a trio. This is okay with me as I love singing with the other two anyway. And we're keeping the arranger, which is beneficial.

Anyway, KC and I working on a Kids Christmas party for the children of our co-workers and she and KCM(her hubby) are thinking that we should sing this (below). I've always liked Jewel, so to sing one of her arrangements would be awesome. :) I'm kind of excited for this. :)

1 comment:

::boobs:: said...

As long as you look like you're having fun, it'll be cool. Jewel looks like she's above it all...I'm jealous, that's all. :)