09 August 2009

Spot is gone. :(

Over the years I have traveled the same stretch of road many-a time. To and from home for work; to and from home for school; to and from home for vacation and weekend trips.

Along that way, for as long as I can remember, one of the farm silos had the old 7up can painted on the side with the Spot.

Well today as I was driving along, watching for my landmarks as I do, one of which is the silo of course, I noticed something wrong.

It wasn't 7up anymore.

It's now advertising for countertops.

This just seems wrong.


Kat said...

The house across the street from us got painted when Haley was about 4. We came out of the house to go to school, and she said, "Oh No! I really loved looking at that red door!" She was really sad! I never knew she noticed.

Baritonality said...

Becky noticed that too the last time we went from that. She was like... seriously? Countertops? Don't they have enough advertising along this stretch?