10 August 2009

I should have known

Yesterday had to have been a sign. But instead, I stupidly believed that maybe all things would be okay.

My car is broken. Not unfixable, just really broken to the point where fixing it and paying the cost to fix it would be almost 2 years of a payment on a new car.

So I'm trading it in on a new car. I'll have it and pictures next week.

I'm still not sure about this whole thing. I looked at and drove several cars this afternoon, all while making and fielding calls from my friends and trusted advisors. I was almost to the point to make a decision and then I got a call from Mom telling me to fix Morty and drive him til he dies.

That started a whole round of questioning my judgment and decision again. But I resettled back on trading in. I should have just listened to Eric in the first place. It took another phone call from Debbie to confirm it.

What a mess. I'll end up with a nice car with a few extra options I'm not all that keen about, but it was that or make the switch to a manual and I'm just not there yet. Closer, but not fully trusting myself in that.

I'm just so very tired from this whole day. Not a good day in Moeland...and it should have been since I'll be getting a brand new car out of the deal, but I'm not there yet. It'll take awhile.



Kat said...

Um... listening to your mom's advice, when did that become a really good idea? lol.

You'll get it sorted... I'm in the same boat! We have until the end of August to get something new... at least new to me!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sad! Morty was such a nice car. May he rest in peace...or in this case, may he be fixed and paid for by someone else with more money. My heart is with you. These things in life are just so challenging.