14 August 2009

Life is good again

MS is back so all is right with the world. We didn't even work today, if you can believe it. But plans were made, of course.

I'm really glad he's home. It's not that I couldn't function without him, things just seem to go easier and smoother when he's around. It's nice to have someone to bounce things off instead of just trying to figure it out on my own. And it's just nice to not be smooched deprived anymore.

Tomorrow we're doing a support our schools project where a bunch of us from work help with security and handing out school supplies to kids in the city who may need help with purchasing them and having them for school which starts soon. It'll be fun, though stupid me signed up for the first two AM shifts, so I'm there at 6 until after noon. Ugh. But it's for a good cause so it's all worth it.

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