12 August 2009

MS and a car update

First the car update - I may not be getting a new car now. The whole thing stinks and I don't really want to write about it here. Let's just say I'm a little cranky with my car's service people and I'm not sure that I'll ever be going back.

So I need to get my rental back and pick up Morty to come back home for a little while longer. And I need to start car shopping...not my favorite thing to do, but it's a necessity at this point. Ugh.

MS comes home tomorrow. Thank goodness. We're down to 22 hours or something like that so I'm getting happier as the clock ticks closer. He called tonight as he crossed back into the real world from the cold side outside of the states and we talked briefly about the car and then about D (of S&D) who supposedly has 14 pages of questions to ask me. HAHA. She sounds fun to meet. Someday.

Right now I just want MS home. Well, actually right now I just want to go to bed, but right after that I want MS home. Priorities, I know. :)

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Anonymous said...

sorry about the car. frustrating.