18 August 2009

Long weekend

So I took Friday off since MS was back in town and he didn't have to go back to work until Sunday. It was nice. We took a road trip to the Cities to get Morty and just spent the day relaxing and doing "normal" things.

Saturday I started my day off nice and early by getting rained on while helping kids get school supplies. My work helps volunteer for the program each year where the Saturday before school starts one of the food banquet's hands out backpacks and school supplies to the kids in need from around town. Our job is to make sure folks stay in line, orderly, that they have the proper ID needed and that they don't smoke on school grounds. The latter is one of the worst to deal with followed by the penultimate issue. We get some really bitchy people sometimes when you just ask them to follow the rules. Insane.

MS and I went to see Pelham 123 that afternoon which actually turned out to be a better flick than I thought it would be. It's hard to imagine John Travolta as a bad guy and in a few scenes it was just comical. But overall it was intense, funny, and well done. Probably not one I'd buy, but still worth the money.

Then we went shopping for tillers and weed whackers. I've been doing the push mowing around the trees and edging while MS does the main portion of the yard with the rider, but the other night I picked up a rock the size of my fist and left a nick in the blade the size of my small pinky toenail. Not good. So we're looking for a trimmer that I can carry and maneuver but one that MS can use as well when I'm not around. I think we found one for not too much money. The tiller is the trick. There aren't many left in stock these days so I'm not sure if we'll find a good one or not.

Then we went back to his place and watched one of our favorite movies. There are just so many good lines: "You let it die!", "Krull the Warrior King" and others we tend to quote a lot. I think MS has a little man-crush on Matthew though...not that I'm complaining because he is pretty fine to look at. :)

Sunday MS had to work so I went to church and then attempted to clean up my apartment before quartet rehearsal. The latter was fun. It's nice to sing in a group again, and AES, KC and MB are great to sing with. We're working on a few songs for a gig we have in September. (Yes, I said 'gig'.)

Yesterday I had one of the best runs ever - at least for the first 5 miles. I felt free and light and speedy (even if it was only a 10:30 pace). But then my knee decided to act up so the last three were a struggle and an 12ish pace. I ran again tonight to see if maybe it's just a fluke, but I think I need to get back to doing my stretches again.

Well...there's a catchup. I wish I had more exciting things to write. I do but sometimes it's hard to put here. Not sure how much I should say and whatnot, being a public forum and all. We'll see. Maybe I'll let loose soon. Til then, I'm off to bed.

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