29 March 2010


I took a mini break this weekend to catch up on some theatre and see a couple friends. So I headed to the Cities. The Guthrie had two awesome shows playing this weekend: Macbeth and Brief Encounter. The first was amazing. Macbeth is such a great play anyway, but this rendition was intense. I wanted to give a standing "O" but I couldn't stand up I was so overwhelmed. Brief Encounter was put on by 9 actors from England who were amazing. Between the singing, the comic relief and the great acting of Noel Coward's writing it was a perfect end to a great weekend.

Saturday I got to spend some time with Edith and her adorable little girl. Edith does amazing artwork of Luther's Small Catechism (the orange version) which I have been giving to K&E since Nika was born as gifts - partly for Nika as my Godmom duties, but also because they are just so beautiful and they seem to fit so well in their house. I'm really excited for Edith's next works to come out - she's going to be doing the Morning and Evening Prayers. I can't wait! I love the latter and I can't wait to get one of those not only for Nika, but also for me.

Sunday I went to church at Central. I needed that. Pastor Rick is wonderful at keeping things in the present. What I mean by that is, while I love my pastor at home, Big O tends to keep things pretty stoic and serious during church. Pastor Rick, on the other hand, keeps things real and in the moment. At one point while the kids were up front to sing he said something about how it was "kung-fu palm branches" up there. :) Cantorei sang too, so I was able to hear some great music again and got to see Aaron and his partner David, Jane, Dave, and of course Debbie.

Debbie and I went out for lunch which turned into over 4 hours at Chili's. We caught up, talked a lot, and had a good time. It was great to meet up with her again...the last time I saw her it was at the marathon in October.

Today I'm going to maybe hit Ikea ("I-kea, that's comfortable."), Chipotle and then head home. Maybe. The damn alarm clock in the room next door went off at 6am and no one answered at the front desk to turn it off until 7. Ugh. So I now have a mild headache and I'm thinking I might just head home earlier than I had thought. I have an appointment later this afternoon, so it might not be bad for me to get home earlier so I can get some other things done too.

This was a much needed weekend though. I always feel bad when I come up and I don't see all my friends, but I also don't want to be spending my entire weekend going from appointment to appointment trying to meet up with everyone and then not get any relaxation. These are my vacations and I need to rest too.

Okay...I need to clean up and either head out or head out. :)

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