21 March 2010

Emmy Day

So Emmy and I had a Aunt/Niece day yesterday. We did a lot (most of which I forgot to document - so alas...I'm going to do this with words instead).

We started the day making cookies...surprise, surprise. I had her roll out the sugar cookies and she did great! They were the right thickness and we baked them perfectly so of course they were delicious! We had a lot of fun decorating them. These were mine. I was really proud of my ducky and carrots. I'll have to make some more, but I'm out of icing.

Then we headed to Color Me Mine to paint. I love painting pottery and Bethany Actually has really inspired me with some things. It's just too bad that I'm not very artistic. I ended up just painting a little funky box that I think I'll use for all my hair ties. Emmy painted a mug. I should have pictures of those next week sometime.

Then we were going to go to lunch, but restaurants at 12:30 on a Saturday are awful in this town, so we ended up at the mall, signed her in for a hair-trim, and went to Culvers for something simple. If nothing else, that 90 minutes reminded me once again why I refuse to go to the mall on weekends and why I hate shopping in general.

We ran my car through the car wash to take off a layer of caked on dirt and then headed to music museum. That was awesome. My niece had been their before, I found out later, but we had a good time nonetheless. We played a game on the way there where we had to come up with a word based on the last letter of the previous word. So...she said elevator, I said, radio, she said octopus, I said, shelf...etc. We had fun but we did discover a lot of words end in "e" which is tough to start a word. Oh well.

It was a really good day. Today I'm painting again; this time with my other niece and nephew - Jake and Ava. It's egg day! I can't wait!


Jill Will Run said...

Bethany has inspired me too and I keep thinking I want to visit a pottery painting place. However... I am a little hesitant to go by myself! That just feels so... lonely! :-)

Kat said...

THe cookies are so cute!!!

~moe~ said...

Thanks! I'm so proud of my carrots and duck! :) So much so, that I made a whole bunch of those yesterday. :)