16 March 2010


I feel like I've been missing lately. I haven't really been on facebook. I haven't really been on my blog this month. I feel like when I do get here I'm trying to catch up so much that I can't really appreciate and enjoy the time I'm here. I don't like that.

It's been busy the last few days. I took today off and MS and I went to the nearest tax location (that works for him - long story) to get our taxes done. I had already completed mine through a website at work that sets it up for free, but I went along to see if they got the same amount as I did. They did, so I let them e-File for me.

It was a long day but good. I'm glad I'm home. MS is at a work meeting tonight so I'm here trying to play catch up. My apartment is a mess and I really need to clean. I also want to make sugar cookies so I can decorate them before my Thursday night meeting...but I'm thinking I might wait until tomorrow night. It's Wednesday tomorrow which means nothing is really on tv, so it might work better.

I'm going to go clean now and see if I can find my kitchen counter. someday I'll catch up.

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