15 March 2011

Road trip!

MS and I took a mini road trip yesterday to a nearby city. He had a tax appointment and I wanted/needed to do some shopping. Our road trips tend to be a split between super fun and super revealing, depending on our conversations at the time.

For fun we started things out right. I have such random CDs in my car and so as he was flipping through them he came across Schoolhouse Rock. I grinned and he said, "You want to listen to this?" I said, "At least track 2, 'cuz it's my favorite." Track 2 is "Three is a Magic Number". I love that song. MS just laughed at me as I sang along, bobbing my head in the white-girl way as we drove down the road. :) This started a lot of singing throughout the day. Later we sang "Rawhide" and "Minnie the Moocher" off the Blues Brothers soundtrack. And we had a little "Cumbia De Los Muertos" by Ozomatli from the Never Been Kissed soundtrack. I think by that point MS thought I was losing it.

We also talked about travel...again. I really do love to travel; MS does not. But we talked about places I want to go, places he wants to go. I think we'll get to a compromise but we're still working on it. There are so many places I still want to see in this world - Ireland, Australia, London (again), Paris (briefly), Rome, and even places in the states. MS has traveled a lot already in his life so he's good to just stay home. But I think he understands my need to get away when I said, "I can't go through my life with just going to work, then home, then work, then home, then work, then home. It's too much. I need more."

We're getting there. Our trip was great though. MS got his taxes done, I got my necessary shopping done, MS got some new kicks and I oogled over the tiny Chucks for toddlers. :) Tonight, is date night. I'm really excited for this one. :)

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