13 March 2011

A little luck o' the Irish, a little God, and Pi(e)

Yesterday was the Irishman races in our town. There were a few of my co-workers who signed up for the 5K as the team challenge. I, stupidly, signed up for all 3 as I have in the past. But calling the races an Irishman confused a few who hadn't run before, thinking it was just the one 5K race. A little education was given. :)

Anyway, I was actually psyched for these races. Normally they're fun and while I haven't been running as much as I'd like, I felt like I could do these fairly well. That was until...I woke up to find 25 mph winds from the WNW which was the main direction we were running for all 3 races. Ugh. I can handle the cold but I hate...hate...hate the wind. Suddenly I toyed with not running and I'm not usually one to back out of races. Hell, in 2009 I even attempted a marathon though my knee had been killing me (I stopped at 13.1) and last year I even ran the full half when I had horrible chest congestion and ended up sick for 2 weeks after. I just don't Not Go to races.

So I continued to psych myself up and decided to not worry about time, but just to finish. I got to run with a few friends Tom, Tom and Sara, and saw a few other runners from the area which was fun.

After the first 5mile race, we went to the local tavern for a free Guinness, as is tradition for these races. I normally don't go in between races because it's my time to recoup, but I went yesterday. I was glad I did! Not only did I get a Guinness but I got to keep the glass! And both were free! YAY! That made the wind and weather all the more worthwhile.

The 5K was colder than the 5mile and the 1 mile even colder than both. I relished the 90 minutes between the 5K and 1 mile...I sat in my car and read! I got time to just sit and read!! (plus I got to catch the end of Wait, Wait...which I always miss). But the time to just sit and read was so wonderful! I forgot how much I love that! I haven't had much time to just sit and read as I used to...Oh how I miss it.

After the races I came home and had a long, hot shower and ate half a pizza. I was so hungry and so excited to just relax on the couch. That's the true reward after running...and something to keep me running.

Today MS is working, so I'm on my own. I went to my old church, that being the one I used to go to on a regular basis when I lived on my own. Big O had a great sermon and one I needed to hear. I am a baptized child of God. I am saved. I am loved. I am blessed. Oh how I needed to hear that. I wanted to chat with Big O a bit more but he had a line up of little old ladies who wanted to talk to him too, so I'll have to set up a time to meet with him later.

Then I went to Target and the grocery store as I used to after church. Then home to relax, study, read, and make an apple pie for Pi Day tomorrow. Plus I have apples that need to be baked. :) It's a good day.

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