22 March 2011

Da Winnah!!

I'm sitting at work laughing my head off today. I just got an email from a co-worker that said, "I just heard on the radio that Ben and Patty are going to pump up Moe. The winner of this weeks facebook friend. Is this our Moe??"

Yesterday, I signed up for the local radio station giveaway for a 10-week body makeover session at a local place. I was laughing as I signed up even...because with my luck I'd win and I don't know that I really want it, though I know it would be beneficial. But then again, I rarely win anything, so why not?

So when my co-worker sent that email I busted out laughing. So now I have this 10-week body makeover session (still waiting for details because I think it starts Saturday) and I'm curious if a) I should accept it and b) if I can make it work in my schedule and c) what MS will think about all of it.

The 10-week thing doesn't worry me too much other than I have a marathon in 9 weeks...well 8 by the time it would start. And that's totally different training.

Lord knows I need the help, and having a free workout worth $399 may be well worth my time and energy if it can get me on track and ready for the marathon and for summer. I have a lot of work to do, and maybe being forced into going would help. Of course, because I'm NOT paying for makes the incentive to go a little less because I really have nothing invested in it...nothing but myself, I guess. :)

So do I take it and do the program? Or should I give it back to another lucky winner?


Anonymous said...

Just see what it entails and if they'd want you with your marathon training. You're right, marathon training is a different beast and they may not want to accommodate that! Going back to your other post, live in the moment and see what transpires! :-)

Anonymous said...

Take it! I'm sure they'll help you with your marathon training. Congrats on the win!!


~moe~ said...

Thanks, ladies! I pick up my certificate tomorrow so I can call them and find out what is what. On one hand I think it might not be the best right now, but on the other, maybe it would really help my running...we'll see! Thanks for your help!