02 March 2011


Today was a much better day. I was impressed that I got up at 4:17 again and made it to the gym by 5...they actually had to open it up for me. Ha! I got in 4 good miles, and while slow, they felt pretty good. I got to run in the dark because the guys, while making fun of me, finally realized that it isn't so bad to workout in the dark - cooler, TVs show up better, and you don't have to see how sweaty and rough others look. :)

It's now 8:30 pm and I've been up for 16 hours and I'm still pretty alert. It's so weird. I don't know why I'm not tired, but I'm not. It's strange how adrenaline works.

I also got "attempt #2" from my trainer. It's much more scaled down for a training plan but still will help me get stronger for the marathon. I also checked on my marathon in May and I do have the option to switch to the half up to 3 weeks prior, so I'm going to see how the training goes the next 8 weeks and then make a decision. MS is all excited that i can do a half, but I don't want to discount the possibility of a full just yet.

And I signed up for the Irishman again - 5Mile, 5K and 1Mile all in one day. I was just going to run the 5Mile but there's a group getting together at work to run the 5K and if I'm going to do both I might as well run the last one too. Bragging rights are good.

So today was a good day. But I probably should be going to bed so I can get some sleep before I get up for another run and a day of fun.

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Kati said...

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