07 April 2006

Things I learned this week

1. More people love you than you know.
2. It’s okay to let them show that – it won’t kill you.
3. Friends are VITAL.
4. Decorating cupcakes is harder than it looks.
5. Practice is essential. No one, well very few, got to where they are without hard work.
6. Sugar at 9pm at night is NOT a good idea.
7. Always wash dishes when finished with them.
8. Family is ESSENTIAL to living well and happy (at least for me).
9. Each day is a gift – no one day should be more important.
10. Though some days are deemed more significant – I f others don’t agree it doesn’t mean they are wrong or your are right (and vice versa).
11. Fun Guns RULE! (It's a South Dakota thing - right, E?)
12. Sometimes the cheap stuff is just as good as the expensive. Just because you pay more doesn’t automatically make it better.
13. If you’re going to bake, decorate and share … a digital camera would be a good thing to own to record your efforts for future reference.
14. It can be hard to put down all you do so others can do it for you when you’re gone, especially when you’ve been doing things for so long.
15. Showing people what you do and how you do it can stir up ideas that may work better! Learning to be open to those ideas is a good thing.
16. It’s good to be assertive, as long as your assertiveness doesn’t come off as aggressive. Passive and passive-aggressive is bad.
17. Letting go is a good thing.
18. People can do more than we think. We need to learn to empower them, instead of crushing them with this authoritative world.
19. Just because one person likes something, doesn’t mean I have to like it, too.
20. Sometimes being in a busy place with lots of people can make a person seem more alone than they should.

1 comment:

kendi said...

and you say that your life is boring!! hardly so. as my mom would say, "look at all you're learning!"

i love fridays. it's quiet here and i can get stuff done. kind of a nice relief in the midst of a busy, busy time. it's nice to have time to read everyone's blogs!