05 April 2006

Martha I am not

I’ve been baking a lot again lately. I’m not sure why. It’s a nice stress reliever, but I haven’t been all that stressed lately. Maybe it’s just a good diversion keeping me from cleaning my desperate house. Yeah, it’s probably that. My sister is worried. I sent her some different things and one of them was a Martha Stewart recipe. To quote: “Martha Stewart ideas....I'm starting to worry about you! It's not always a "good thing"! :-)” I did my best to assure her that I’m not MS, but that I use box mixes and canned frosting. I’m not sure I eased her mind.

So I tried these on Monday and these last night. (By the way…I really do love this site and this site, and if I could actually set up links on this blog thing I would have them on the side. Anyone want to show me how?) I took pictures of how mine turned out but it will be a little bit until I can get my disposable camera film developed. Sorry folks. Maybe I should get a digital camera…but I don’t have a computer so that doesn’t help much.

Anyway, the Monday rendition turned out okay. Frosting and creating the little birds was a little trickier than I thought, but the box mix I used for the cupcake was really good – gotta love Roundy’s. It’s inexpensive AND yummy. I’m finding that now, 2 days later, the birds are falling off the coconut. Not that that’s a bad thing…every bird needs to leave the nest at some point…but I feel bed when I see the little heads rolling off the cupcake onto the ground. A note for next time: serve them to others right away!

Last night’s trial run did not go very well. The dough was really sticky and wouldn’t roll out or together well. It might have been too warm in my kitchen itself last night…the chocolate chip cookies I made, which usually are kick butt, didn’t turn out like they should have. Very strange. I felt like I was losing my touch for a moment. Then decided it must have been the working conditions. :)

So on to the next. I want to make these for Emmy’s b-day party but it’s looking like that’s going to be on Easter which I won’t be home for. :( That really does make me sad, because she’s such a sweetie, and I hate to miss her party. So I might make these on Thursday and give them to her this weekend when I’m home. We’ll see. I have nothing to transfer them in, I’m going to have to invest in some sort of goodie transporter. Do they sell those?

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Anonymous said...

tupperware sells goody transporters, for cakes, cupcakes and pies. kind of spendy but wonderful. airtight keeps them fresh so, for example, bird heads would not dry out and roll away (although i agree it's one way to get them out of the nest) if not wanting to invest in new tupperware, check ebay and garage sales...