11 April 2006

Basic truths to be self-evident

I’m weird.

Yes, I know this. And others know it, too. A couple of my weird truths have come to light, as of late, like my necessity that if I start a book series in paperback I have to finish it in paperback (no, I can’t borrow your hardcover until the paperback comes in print – that doesn’t work) and that I like gray, cloudy days like today – they make me happy. Yes, I’m happy today, even though I’m tired. This weather is great!

But those who know me, also know that there is one basic truth – I wear black. Yes, I wear black all freakin’ year long. It’s my color of choice. I wear blue jeans and a black shirt or black pants and a colored shirt. The basic point is: I wear black.

But those who know me may not know that I’m also a coat person. I prefer to wear a coat – no matter what the weather. I need something covering my arms and somewhere to put my hands while I walk. I’m really a Neanderthal in that sense, but I need a coat. It doesn’t have to be heavy, but I have to have a coat of some shape or form. Last night I went out with MH and I wore a sweatshirt/hoodie thing. I had my pockets and I had my coat, even though it was in the 70’s. Today, I’m wearing black and red long-sleeved shirt, and I still wore my coat as I walked downtown at noon.

It’s a weird trait, I know, but not one I can lose for some reason (I’ve tried and I’ve felt naked walking around with just a tee-shirt or shirt). I did once make it through the day without a coat, but I was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt instead. But I felt kind of weird the whole time.

I’m weird. I wear a coat.

I wear a black coat, no less.

Yeah, that’s enough.

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jb said...

this is weird: i'm also wearing black and a red long sleeved shirt today. i think i'll change before we meet for drinks ...