06 April 2006

Smile on my face

I received REAL mail today; not bills or advertisements or catalogs – real mail – from three of the coolest entities on Earth. The card was awesome and when they signed it, “you are loved!”, I actually became choked up.

What is it about getting cards from people who love you because they choose to love you versus cards from people who love you because they’re related. These folks wouldn’t need to love me, let alone LIKE me…but they do. Sometimes I wonder why since I’m such a pain in the arse most days, but they still do. It’s incredible.

A man from the church I attend just came to the desk and gave me a book. This is just out of the blue, though he and I have talked after the Sunday evening services about my voice. So he gave me a book called “The Singer’s Life: Goals and Roles” and asked me to read it. I’m kind of excited about this – it’s partly because he talked it up so much, but also because it’s geared for people interested in singing but not quite at the Met status. There are 4 sections in the book…this should be good. More to come…

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