01 September 2011

1 mile

I ran a mile today.

In some circumstances that would be a profound statement, but usually for me this is just a warm up. But today, the good thing about this 1 mile is that I ran it in 8:59.

The pessimist in me figures that the "mile" we run isn't actually a mile, but maybe. I mapped it out on Map My Run and from corner to corner it's 1.05, so maybe. I really should get a Garmin so I can actually map what I run. For now, that's pretty damn impressive for me - especially, this morning when it was so humid the guys I was running with said it felt like running through soup.

But hey, the optimist in me says that this time is awesome. I'm excited that I could make it in 9 minutes because that means that next week when I do my fitness test for work, when I have to run a mile and a half, I should make it in 14:30 which is my goal. If I can make it faster I'll be stoked.

Today, I downloaded all my training since January 30, 2009, which was all my log (DailyMile.com) still had listed. Based on the latter, I'm glad I downloaded all of these today. I don't want to lose any more, and I know that I had more before 2009. So now I have something I can fall back on. It was interesting to see how much more I ran in 2009 (which was the year I had my PR for the TC Marathon). Last year I hardly ran at all. It's amazing I was even sort of able to finish.

So far this year, I'm doing well with running. I do need to get a few more miles in, but considering a year ago I ran a total of 10 miles in August and this month I ran 62, I think I'm doing better. And I do have a couple extra weeks before my marathon this year, AND I've been doing extra strength training which is great.

So I ran a mile. And today that mile was a PR. And I'm a happy camper. I can't wait for my long run tomorrow. It'll be less humid and I'm sure it will go well. And if it doesn't, there's always the next day and I'll learn from the run anyway.

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