12 September 2011


Last Friday I had to complete my fitness assessment for work. So this is situps, pushups and a 1.5 mile run. I also had to have my waist measured.

My waist measurement was my scariest moment. I've yo-yo'd so much this year and last week I was back up, which isn't good. So measuring my waist was scary. Luckily the gals measuring measure differently than I do and measure smaller, so I was good.

Up next: situps and pushups. Last year I struggled with these but this year I rocked it. 51 situps with so much ease I could have kept going. 40 pushups that were a little more rough (I rested more than I needed or should have) but still that was 12 more than last year at this time. Woot!

Then I had Casey pace me again and this year my goal was 14:30. Last year I was sloooowww, and I needed to improve that this year. So 14:30 was the goal. We started out and I felt really good, and at one point she even said, "Um, you're about a minute faster on pace than you wanted to be...we should slow down a bit." So we did...but we were doing great. I was even able to talk a bit - a minute bit that is. :)

The bad thing was my shins were cramping which wasn't fun. And then the last half my quads started to get tight. But we kicked it in and I ended up finishing in 13:47.


I'm so stoked! Last year was 15:46... almost a full 2 minutes off my time from last year. AND it's my fastest time in the last 5 years, and probably my fastest ever. All day I kept saying, "13:47!" at random moments.

So at least, despite my weight issue, my legs are strong and my will is powerful. 6 weeks to Mankato. :)

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