03 September 2011

Weird dreams

I know that my eating habits influence so much more of my life. This week has been awful for food. The other day my lunch was a Snickers and Diet Dew. I've been eating a lot of Jimmy John's too, which isn't necessarily bad, but not really good either.

But when my dreams turn wacko I know I need to work on what I'm eating. The other night I dreamt that I traded in Morty for this:

Yes, that's an AMC Pacer. But mine was purple. PURPLE. I know...I'm struggling here.

Last night, I dreamt that I was borrowing RAC's truck and I struggled to drive it because it was SO big that I couldn't turn it down the right road. In fact, at one point, I went around a building, in through the delivery door and parked in the popcorn store where I wanted to go. Somehow the truck fit in the store with no damage to the store at all. When I got out of the car, a pilot I know (who had a full beard - odd) told me he had watched me drive outside and was thankful that he hadn't gotten hit since I almost took a tree when I went over the boulevard to get the truck back in the right driving lane. Whatever. Then I looked for popcorn (because it was supposed to be a specialty popcorn shop) and all the place had was 4 boxes of factory popcorn, but a whole refrigerated case full of various kinds of cheesecake. So I ordered a chocolate covered cherry topped cheesecake. I wanted it in a box to go but the lady didn't understand me, so I ended up just taking it out in a small paper dish thing.

Yeah, I need to eat better. Help.

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