22 October 2010

Random catchup

I know it's been a long time since I've written. Things have been pretty crazy in my world as of late. Lots of changes and busier than snot.

So I'm moving in with MS and so the last two weeks have been filled with work, packing, moving boxes, packing some more, sleep, work some more, pack more, move more, taking a day off to spend with Mom, and more packing.

It's an exciting time, one I never thought I'd be doing (this way), but I am excited for it. For the last year I've basically been living here anyway, so making it "official" is just paperwork, and moving the big stuff. :) It will make my life super simpler - living in one place is so much better than living in 2 places.

It's been fun to see how we merge our stuff together. I have more kitchen stuff, surprise, surprise, than MS has so merging that has been interesting. It's nice to have a big kitchen (finally!) where it's easier to bake. :) Life is good.

Anyway, in addition to packing and moving numerous boxes, work has been crazy busy. I reread my performance indicators today for my yearly evaluation and it's humbling (and a bit scary) to realize that I haven't been living up to my standards as of late. I need to get this move finished and get better at focusing on work. Once I can be settled in my brain and physically I can then better focus on work.

Life is good, folks. I'm a happy camper. :)

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