31 October 2010

Almost there

Yesterday was insane. MS and I, and my Mom after I conned her into helping, spent the AM packing up most of the rest of my apartment and loading up MS's truck and borrowed trailer. God bless that man; he let me go to lunch with my sister and niece while he unloaded it all. I had pulled a muscle in my back yesterday AM before we started so I was hurting. What a doll.

Then he came back after I finished with Lisa & Em and we packed up his truck and my car with some more. We were both so tired we went to bed at 8:30. Sheesh.

Today, Mom came over after church and breakfast and helped me with the icky part - cleaning. We got my bedroom done and the blinds in the living room cleaned off, and the windows washed. It's amazing how dirty my apartment became...of course I hadn't really been living in it for awhile, and I had left my window open. :)

Tomorrow will be the final step. Finish the living room, bath and kitchen. Vacuum and wash the floors and empty out the refrigerator. *sigh* It'll be good to have it finished so I can move forward completely.

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