01 October 2010

New Year Resolutions

Today is a new year in my world, so I thought it might be good for me to come up with some resolutions. I'm not usually good at keeping these (who is, really?), but I need something to help me refocus my life. Maybe a fresh start will be good.

Granted, I'm running a marathon in a couple days, so most of these will start next week, but I want to get them out there.

So...in no particular order:

- Learn to walk down the hallways of buildings without looking into every, single office to see who's in there. A friend suggested blinders. It might help.

- Stop talking about my diet and exercising at work with others. That's my problem and no one else.

- No FB or yahoo at work until 9am (we're allowed to look at them, but I usually start right when I get to work). This will be tough, but I know I can do it.

- FOCUS at work!! Must keep laser focus!!

- Set up a better filing system at work and use it. This is a work in progress. Maybe I need to just purge everything and start over. That's wishful thinking.

- Start and complete the 100Pushups challenge. My upper body strength sucks.

- Honestly workout, with weights and cardio, and lose the 20 pounds I need to drop. A lot of the gals in my building are on the Ideal Protein diet - which sounds great until you find you can't have milk ever again, only a calcium supplement. That doesn't work for me. I love me some milk - especially after running. So I need to refocus my workout routine and work all aspects, not just cardio.

- Declutter my life at home. This should be happening with the most-likely upcoming move...though it could end up like my last move where I just throw everything in a box and it sits there for 3 years. :)

- Declutter at work. I have a lot of extra stuff just lying around. Not good.

- Redecorate at work. I've had the same photos/artwork up since I got my new furniture December 2007. It's time for a change.

- Write more. I miss writing.

- Bake more. I miss baking, too.

- Run more. I miss running, too. Well...I run a lot, but I need to keep at that. I'm thinking of running more than one marathon next year. E's inticed me with the Austin Marathon in February...so I'll need to keep with my training after this one in two days if I'm going to do that. Would be fun and good for me too. :)

This is a start. I'm sure I'll think of more. But for now, this is where I am.

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